Alana Petraske

Partner | New York

Secretary Liya Ali


Track record

German family foundation

Obtaining UK tax recognition for a German family foundation.

Philanthropy offering

Advising a private bank on its philanthropy offering.

Family charities restructuring

Restructuring a group of family charities in light of changing activities and family dynamics.

Cross-border giving

Advising US, European and Australian educational institutions on tax-efficient cross-border giving and study abroad.

Family philanthropic vehicle

Establishing a US-UK dual-qualified family philanthropic vehicle for a UK resident non-domiciliary founding donor.

UK/French charity structuring

Advising a UK philanthropist on the structuring of a UK/French charity to receive valuable French assets tax-efficiently on death.

Family foundation

Advising a family foundation on involving the 'next generation' in the family philanthropy.

Major US museum

Advising a major US museum on the establishment of a UK affiliate.


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