Aniruddha Rajput

Consultant, Public International Law and International Arbitration | London

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External publications

  • Articles

  • 'Annual Review of ICSID Cases, 2020' Manchester Journal of International Economic Law, Volume 17 pp. 430-457 (2020).

  • 'The Myth of a Multilateral Framework in International Investment Law' Indian Journal of International Law (2017) (forthcoming).

  • 'Shifting Treaty Practice of India: From 2003 Model BIT to 2015 Model BIT' Jindal Global Law Review, volume 7 (2), pp. 201-226 (2016).

  • 'Problems with the Jurisprudence of Iran-US Claims Tribunal on Indirect Expropriation' ICSID Review-Foreign Investment Law Journal, Volume 30 pp. 589-615 (2015).

  • 'Book Review Article: Jingxia Shi, Free Trade and Cultural Diversity in International Law, Hart Publishing, Oxford and Portland, 2013, pages 337' Manchester Journal of International Economic Law, Volume 10 pp. 443-455 (2013).

  • 'AES Summit Generation Limited and AES-Tisza Erőmű Kft. v. Hungary: The Scope of ad hoc Committee Review for Manifest Excess of Powers and Failure to State Reasons' ICSID Review-Foreign Investment Law Journal Volume 28, pp. 273-278 (2013).

  • 'Defining Investments: A Developmental Perspective', Indian Journal of Arbitration Volume 11 (2013).

  • Advent of Investment Arbitration and Evolution of International Administrative Law, Journal of Indian Law Institute, Volume 54, pp. 232-247 (2012).

  • 'Book Review Indirect Expropriation in International Law by Sebastian López ESCARCENA.
Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, 2014' 2015(5) Asian Journal of International Law 412-13.

  • Book Review Reinmar Wolf, New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards: Commentary (München, Verlag C H Beck oHG), pp. 613. Indian Journal of International Law Volume 55 (2015), pp. 297-298.

  • 'Conserving Regulatory Space: Analysis of the Indian Model BIT' (submitted to a journal, currently undergoing review- 11,000 words).

  • Book Chapters

  • 'India and Investment Protection' in Chin Leng Lim (ed), Alternative Visions in the International Law on Foreign Investment: Essays in Honour of M Sornarajah, Cambridge University Press, 2016.

  • 'Types of ADR in Sports' in Justice Mudgal, Law & Sports in India: Development, Issues and Challenges, Lexis Nexis (2010).

  • Books

  • Dr. Ambedkar and Jammu and Kashmir: The book discusses the constitutional history of India and the federal structure in relation one of the provinces in India (Jammu and Kashmir) and relevant international law issues (manuscript submitted to publisher)

  • India and Investment Treaty Arbitration, (contract with Kluwer Law International - expected date of completion of manuscript May 2017)

  • Regulatory Freedom of State in International Law, Investment and Trade (expected date of completion of manuscript November 2017)

  • Reports

  • 'Report No. 260, Analysis of the 2015 Model Indian Bilateral Investment Treaty', Law Commission of India, Government of India, August 2015, available at: $

  • Blog posts

  • 'International Law Commission and the International Legislative Process', International Law Square, 2 September 2016, available at: $

  • Ongoing Research:

  • 'Maritime Security and Threat of a Terrorist Attack from the Sea Route'. (manuscript complete, 21,000 words)

  • 'Enforcement of Commercial Arbitration Awards: Is Investment Arbitration the New Forum?' (manuscript complete 11,000 words)

  • 'Cross-border Insolvency and Public International Law' (manuscript complete 10,000 words)

  • 'Working Paper: India and Protection of Foreign Investment: A Tale of Resistance, Rise and Skepticism!'(manuscript not yet complete).

  • 'International Law Commission and the International Legislative Process' (manuscript not yet complete)

  • 'CLCS, ITLOS, ICJ or Annex VII Tribunals: The Race for deciding extended continental shelf claims!' (manuscript not yet complete)

  • 'Rising sea levels and maritime entitlements of costal states' (manuscript not yet complete)

  • 'State Responsibility for Breach of Contract Arising from Non-Compliance with Awards of International Tribunals' (manuscript not yet complete).

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