Claire Blakemore

Partner | London

Secretary Melanie Balcan


Track record

M v M (2010)

Acted for the husband in M v M (2010) in which he was successful in his cross-claims after the value of the assets plummeted because of the global financial crisis. A separate judgment in the case also awarded him costs and was the first reported case since the costs rules were changed in 2006.

BJ vMJ (2011)

Acted for the husband in BJ v MJ (2011) in which he was successful in securing an award in which a significant proportion of the wife's claim was retained in trust to respect the offshore trust which had been created during the marriage and the interests of their son.

R v R (2015)

Acted for the husband in R v R (2015) which was an appeal which dealt with the English court's jurisdiction to deal with spousal maintenance following previous proceedings in another EU jurisdiction.

Re S (2014)

Acted for the father in Re S (2014) in which the Court of Appeal dealt with the issue of the child's objections in relation to a child abduction from Russia.

Assets across three continents

Acted for a UK businessman involved in shipping and finance married to Greek/US wife in a case with assets across three continents.

Trusts in offshore jurisdictions

Acted for a Russian wife married to Saudi businessman with assets in China, US, Switzerland and three European countries and trusts in three offshore jurisdictions.

Assets across three continents

Acted for an Eastern European husband married to central European wife with proceedings in three other European countries and assets held across three continents, which involved application of competing international laws and regulations.

Trust assets

Acted for a wife in case involving Channel Island trusts, assets in Europe, Africa, Israel and US and secured an outcome in which the trust assets were included.


  • Resolution 'Changing Times' conference - September 2016, chaired

  • Coming to the UK: Family law issues to consider - April 2016

  • IBC: High-Net-Worth Immigration, Wealth Planning and Family - November 2015, Jersey Trusts and Divorce - May 2015

  • IBC: Wealth Planning for Divorce - February 2015

  • IBC: Protectors and power-holders in trusts - February 2015