Clàudia Baró Huelmo

Senior Associate | Geneva

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Track record

LCIA arbitration

Representing an African State entity in the second phase of LCIA proceedings on quantum for breaches of a share purchase agreement.

ICSID arbitration

Representing Qatar National Bank in ICSID arbitration proceedings against South Sudan and the Bank of South Sudan in a dispute concerning an investment loan agreement.

Enforcement of arbitral awards

Representing a Chinese company in enforcement proceedings of an arbitral award before English courts.

Protection of international investments

Advising an Italian company on issuing ICSID arbitration proceedings against an African State in a dispute concerning the construction of a sports complex.

UNCITRAL arbitration

Representing an Eastern European State in an ad hoc investor treaty arbitration under UNCITRAL rules initiated by US investors in a dispute concerning renewable energy.

ICSID arbitration

Representing Gesenu in ICSID arbitration proceedings against the Arab Republic of Egypt in a dispute concerning a waste management project.

Public international law

Advising a Middle Eastern State on general issues relating to public international law and international litigation, including contentious proceedings before the International Court of Justice, international institutional law and World Trade Organisation law.

United Nations law

Advising a Caribbean government on issues concerning good governance under Article 73 of the United Nations Charter and the obligations of the administering power.


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