Clàudia Baró Huelmo

Senior Associate | Geneva

Secretary Nikoleta Taseva


Track record

ICSID arbitration Qatar National Bank

Representing Qatar National Bank in ICSID arbitration proceedings against the South Sudan and the Bank of South Sudan in a dispute concerning an investment loan agreement.

Enforcement proceedings

Representing a Chinese company in enforcement proceedings of an arbitral award before English courts.

ICSID arbitration Italian company

Advising an Italian company on issuing ICSID arbitration proceedings against an African State in a dispute concerning the construction of a sports complex.

Investor treaty arbitration under UNCITRAL rules

Representing an Eastern European State in an ad hoc investor treaty arbitration under UNCITRAL rules initiated by US investors in a dispute concerning renewable energy

ICSID arbitration Gesenu

Representing Gesenu in ICSID arbitration proceedings against the Arab Republic of Egypt in a dispute concerning a waste management project.

Second phase of LCIA proceedings

Representing a State entity in the second phase of LCIA proceedings on quantum for breaches of a share purchase agreement.

Advice to Middle Eastern State on public international law

Advising a Middle Eastern State on general issues relating to public international law and international litigation, including: contentious proceedings before the International Court of Justice; international institutional law; World Trade Organisation law.

Advice to Caribbean government on good governance

Advising a Caribbean government on issues concerning good governance under Article 73 of the United Nations Charter and the obligations of the administering power.


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