Cristina Pagni

Partner | Milan

Secretary Edy Zambon


Track record

Claim against seller of an Italian property

Assisted a special purpose vehicle established by a South African HNWI to purchase a luxury property near the lake of Como, in bringing a claim against the seller of the property for failing to meet the obligations undertaken in a preliminary agreement.

Arbitration proceedings

Assisting a listed Norwegian Company and its Italian subsidiary against a Luxembourgian Company in arbitration proceedings under the Rules of the Arbitration Chamber in Milano: to have a multi-million stock purchase agreement annulled or terminated respectively due either fraud or breach. The underlying business was related to solar plants in the south of Italy.

Assisting Tozzi East LLC and Tozzi Sud SpA

Assisting Tozzi East LLC and Tozzi Sud SpA in arbitration proceedings against Tecnicas Reunidas SA and its Russian branch under the Rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Tozzi did claim extra costs under a subcontract for electro-mechanical works at the Khaborovsk refinery (Russia).

Bank of New York Mellon

Assisting Bank of New York Mellon in proceedings brought by SACE, Italy's ECA before the Court of Rome. This litigation was related to the set off of some claims of BNYM for payment of insured amounts against on alleged credit of SACE.

Intesa S. Paolo SpA

Assisting Intesa S. Paolo SpA in proceedings both before the Court of Rome and the London High Court with regards to interest rate swaps. The former case related to a loan agreement, the latter case related to a claim brought by a German bank regarding an interest rate swap transaction including a novation agreement originally entered into between Intesa S. Paolo and an Italian municipality under Italian law.

Generali Assicurazioni

Assisting Generali Assicurazioni before several Italian Courts concerning life insurance policies so called "pure", life insurance policies subject to revaluation and unit-linked and index-linked policies.

Cattolica Assicurazioni

Assisting Cattolica Assicurazioni in a mediation in England for the settlement of a claim under a facultative re-insurance policy and a claim for professional negligence against the broker.


Assisting both companies and individuals in proceedings related to the performance of managerial duties and the corporate liability of board members and auditors.


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  • 21 October 2016, Milan, “The ‘claims made' clause after the ruling of the United Sections of the Supreme Court judgment n. 9140/2016, conference organized by AIDA (International Association for Insurance Law)

  • 7 July 2016, Milan, “The ‘claim made' clauses - landing points after the United Sections of the Supreme Court judgment n. 9140/2016, conference organized by Diritto