Dawn Goodman

Senior counsel | London

Secretary Melanie Balcan


Dawn is senior counsel in the trust, estate and inheritance disputes team.

Dawn has a wealth of experience litigating and working proactively with wealth-holding structures across the trust world, Europe, South America, Russia & CIS and the Middle East. She is tri-qualified (England & Wales, BVI and Eire) and acts in and advises on litigation spanning the whole range of trust and probate or estate and cross border succession issues. Once a problem has arisen she advises on ways to defuse contention, risk mitigation and alternative dispute resolution as well as on proceedings if necessary, ranging from consensual or prophylactic litigation to the most hostile of cross-border and multi-jurisdiction cases. As a recognised expert in this area, she co-authored _Probate Disputes and Remedies_, 3rd Edition, Jordan Publishing, a clear and practice guide to resolving contentious probate disputes.

Me in a minute

I wished to become an opera singer.

The reluctant litigator.

One miserable day longer ago than I care to remember I attended an interview with the Law Society who were to decide whether, as one of the youngest students and in a minority of 10:1 men to women at law school I was a fit and proper person to be admitted to the profession.

Uninspired by the inevitable ‘ Why do you want to become a solicitor?’ I replied that I didn’t: I wished to become an opera singer. Shocked, the interview panel searched for an explanation for my presence there, eventually lighting on my engagement ring and enquiring, ‘ Your fiancé- he is a lawyer?’

‘No. He’s a conductor!’