Diana Wong

Regional Marketing Manager | Hong Kong


Diana is the regional marketing manager in the Hong Kong office.

Diana joined the firm in June 2017 and has many years of experience in professional services firms in Asia. She is responsible for spearheading various marketing initiatives in our Hong Kong and Tokyo offices, from planning to the implementation process.

Me in a minute

There's always something new to learn and to take on everyday

Having worked in the professional services sector for so many years, I am passionate about developing innovative marketing initiatives to facilitate business development in order to reach the desired result. In an ever-changing landscape, it is always difficult to keep up with the current rate of change in the market and steps need to be prepared for business demands in the future. I enjoy working with lawyers to come up with innovative ideas to better connect them with clients and the community.

Apart from work, I enjoy spending time in the outdoors. I also love to travel and be exposed to new places, people and cultures.