Laura E Turner (née Smith)

Chartered legal executive | London

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Laura is a chartered legal executive in the real estate team.

She assists with various divorce related property issues including disposals, third party rights and secured lending. Laura also focuses on freehold and leasehold acquisitions, disposals and secured re-financing of residential property both inside and outside of London. She is the primary contact for the Withers family team in residential property matters.
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Me in a minute

The biggest satisfaction I get is simple - making a client happy

I wanted to be a lawyer since at least the age of 16 which probably had something to do with the various crime dramas on TV at the time. My second option was a wedding planner. Although both are entirely different callings, they do have similar skill requirements in terms of organisation, tenacity, interpersonal skills and having the ability to be attentive to the detail whilst remaining alert to the bigger picture for a client. These are attributes which thankfully I can say I have.

Real estate is a non contentious area, but it is highly emotive. After death and divorce, property transactions are high up on the stress meter. It is therefore extremely important to have an understanding of the client's needs and to communicate effectively.

The biggest satisfaction I get out of the job is simple - making a client happy - which I'm very glad to say I have a very good track record for and which has resulted in various repeat instructions.

The most interesting commendation I have ever received from a client was when I was described as 'a pitbull with a juicy bone' - for my perseverance on a matter of importance for her. You will be glad to note that I am a lawyer with a sense of humour.