Robert McLean

Trust manager | London

Robert is trust manager and chief executive of Withers Trust Corporation Limited.

He deals with a broad cross-section of complex settlements and deals with many trust-related issues, with more than 25 years experience of advising settlors, trustees and beneficiaries on all aspects of trust management and taxation, including inheritance tax, capital gains tax and the taxation of trust income. He also advises on setting up and running trust corporations and works closely with colleagues in the litigation and charity teams to provide expert trust-related advice.

Secretary Therese Botten

Track record



Running Withers Trust Corporation with its mix of more than 150 complex and valuable estates, trusts and private charities.

Acting for the trustees of a will trust with assets of more than £140m, whilst they plan to exit a long-held family company shareholding.

Dealing with a trust holding a collection of modern art worth more than €30 million.

Full member of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP)

Private Trusts Committee of The Association of Corporate Trustees (TACT)

Affiliate of the Association of Charity Independent Examiners (ACIE)

Management of trusts and their administration, central law training

Me in a minute

One of the best parts of dealing with settlors, trustees and beneficiaries is the variety of work it offers

I have been dealing with trusts and trustees since 1990 and, as a charity trustee myself, I know how complex and challenging this can be.

One of the best parts of dealing with settlors, trustees and beneficiaries is the variety of work it offers, cutting across not just legal issues but accounting, taxation and aspects of investment management but dealing with families, too. That means not only do I have to have a good grip on changes in the world of investments and their performance as well as the law and tax system as they affect trusts but also the skills to cope with occasional problems thrown up amongst the different generations who make up our clients.

Withers Trust Corporation Limited serves as a neutral executor or trustee outside the family dynamic and running it allows me to help our clients navigate the ever-more challenging world of creating, holding and passing on inter-generational wealth.


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