Robert L. Rispoli

Associate | New Haven


Robert is an associate in the litigation and arbitration team.

As an engineer, a veteran and a lawyer, Robert has delivered methodical, disciplined and pragmatic results for over 30 years. Having served in private practice and as General Counsel, Robert provides corporate, intellectual property and trial counsel integrating legal principles with business initiatives to maximize profit, reduce cost, and generate and protect assets. He has provided due diligence counsel and has negotiated, drafted and managed a broad array of contracts, licenses, and joint venture and cooperative development agreements. He has also served as litigation counsel in cases including patent, trademark and copyright infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, unfair trade practices, breach of contract and shareholder rights, and has successfully negotiated complex settlement agreements. As a patent attorney, Robert has provided global patent prosecution and portfolio management in the fields of air purification, power generation, oil and natural gas extraction, building materials, cellular and consumer products.

Robert also has extensive experience ensuring regulatory compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs & DFARs), Import/Export Regulations (EAR & ITAR), and the Federal Aviation Regulations (Parts 121 & 145). In 2016, Robert successfully represented a member of an aerospace supply chain during an investigation by the Department of Justice involving the processing of military engine parts bringing it to a conclusion with no adverse findings. Robert continues to obtain, maintain and defend ITAR registrations for his clients.

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I have enjoyed working in private practice and corporate roles at MKG Intellectual Property Law and Precision Combustion

I have enjoyed working in private practice and corporate roles at MKG Intellectual Property Law and Precision Combustion, and as a young engineer at Pratt & Whitney. I have a solid foundation in technology and manufacturing, by both education and experience, coupled with a strong track record in risk management and advising C-suite executives. I started out my career as a mechanical engineer, earned an MBA and later attended law school becoming an attorney now focused primarily on business and legal operations serving corporate leadership objectives.