Wataru Sasaki

Associate | Tokyo

*Our Firm is a foreign law joint enterprise (gaikokuhou kyoudou jigyou) between Withers Gaikokuhou Jimu Bengoshi Houjin (whose Partners are attorneys-at-law admitted in California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii and New York, all of whom are foreign registered attorneys (Gaikokuhou Jimu Bengoshi) in Japan) and Withers Bengoshi Houjin (whose Partners, Associates and Counsel are qualified Japanese bengoshi), as defined under Article 2, item 15 of the Special Measures Law Concerning the Handling of Legal Business by Foreign Lawyers (Gaikoku Bengoshi ni yoru Houritsu Jimu no Toriatsukai ni kansuru TokubetsuSochiho) of Japan.


Track record

Notification filings

Assisted offshore fund managers to submit notification filings to the Financial Services Agency of Japan under the Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations Act.

Financial Services Agency of Japan

Assisted financial clients in establishing a branch office in Japan and registering as financial instruments business operator with the Financial Services Agency of Japan.

Financial instruments business in Japan

Assisted investment funds and managers in making filings regarding financial instruments business in Japan.

eDiscovery and DOJ investigations

Advised Japanese clients on eDiscovery and DOJ investigations and managed many eDiscovery projects.