Pride 2024

We stand with our LGBTQ+ colleagues and clients throughout Pride, and every day.



Backing Innovation

Where private capital and powerful ideas meet

Whether you are an investor, founder, business leader or philanthropic foundation, our role is to help you realize your ambitions and shape your long-term strategy.

We'll provide commercial and robust legal advice at every step.



The Global Rethinkers

People. Purpose. Progress.

The most powerful forces for change come from rethinking. Without challenging the status quo we can't hope for change in business, in our communities or society at large. Creativity and innovation has never been more important. Who will lead the change and who will back it? 

We're getting behind some of the founders and innovators who are changing our world.



Evolving families around the world

Navigating change. Building legacies. Global advice.

Ensuring family is protected and provided for motivates us all to prepare for the future. Each family has its own needs and in a fast-changing world, with many families based across several locations, it can be challenging to address all of the risks and complexities.  With the right guidance, planning for tomorrow can deliver long term protection.


Find a professional

The key to our success lies in the skill and experience of our people. With 220+ partners, over 650 lawyers and around 1,500 staff globally, our team is brimming with creativity, personality and legal knowledge.

Find a professional
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Defining moments

Exploring stories of success with the Financial Times

Defining moments see leading founders and CEOs share the events and influences that shaped their careers and turned them into leaders.

Defining moments
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Global positioning service

Wherever you are and wherever you're going to, we're on hand to help you with the transition. 

From complex visa applications to navigating policy and regulations, we've got you covered.

Global positioning services
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Talking success with Aasmah Mir

What does it take to be successful and how do we navigate key moments in our lives? In this podcast series, award-winning broadcaster and journalist, Aasmah Mir, talks to business leaders and industry innovators about the crucial moments of their lives and careers.

Talking success podcast series
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The future of real estate

Covid-19 has proven to be the catalyst to accelerate profound change in the way we live our lives and use our buildings. This change was already happening, but slowly, and it was difficult to see how it might ultimately change the buildings around us. Together with a range industry professionals, we share our unique insights on the issues shaping our work, home and social lives.

The future of real estate report
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Your Will, your legacy

Demystifying the process of creating a Will – all your questions answered in our bite-sized video series

Your Will, your legacy
Portrait of Mariella Frostrup


Mariella Frostrup on #ModernRelationships

Mariella Frostrup hosts our podcast series that looks at the shape of modern relationships in the UK, and discusses a range of approaches to help you when things get tricky. To help protect your home and finances. To have better, more constructive arguments. To manage the process of separation successfully. Each episode draws on the experience of our family law team and independent professionals to create a guidebook to love, life and law.

Modern relationships podcast series
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A career at Withers

Join an ambitious, collaborative international law firm where individuals are valued, and voices are heard. A truly flexible working culture that puts people first.

We don’t shy away from challenging questions or new ideas.

If that sounds like you, we should talk.