US tax considerations for crypto investors and issuers

12 May 2021 | Applicable law: US | 19 minute listen

Episode 9 of Withers talks: cryptocurrency series

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With the US tax deadline quickly approaching on May 17, 2021, tax issues are top of mind for many Americans, including for an increasing number of those who hold cryptocurrencies. Our ninth episode of the Withers talks: cryptocurrency podcast, ‘US tax considerations for crypto investors and issuers,’ focuses on the timely topic of the current tax landscape in the US for cryptocurrency as well as top tax considerations for crypto investors, issuers, day traders and miners.

In this episode, podcast host Charles Kolstad is joined by Elliot Galler, a partner on our international corporate tax team in Withers’ New York office, to discuss tax treatment, reporting requirements and enforcement related to crypto assets, including NFTs. What tax forms are relevant for taxpayers that own cryptocurrencies? Does the fact that you invest or trade cryptocurrencies on a non-US exchange change the US tax treatment? Are there special tax rules for miners and day traders? What are some of the gift and estate tax considerations? How is an issuer taxed in an ICO or SAFT? Are NFTs considered “collectibles” and, if so, are they taxed at the higher capital gains rates?

Listen to the episode for the discussion on these topics and more. For questions and inquiries related to tax and cryptocurrencies, contact Charles, Elliot, or another attorney on the blockchain, cryptocurrency and decentralized finance team. We hope you enjoy the episode.

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