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29 October 2020 | Applicable law: England and Wales

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to present challenges to many sectors and businesses, and Withers is actively helping clients across the globe to navigate these changing times. We are pleased to provide details below of articles of interest to S F Capital investors, VCs, members and start-up founders alike – we hope there will be something for everyone.

In addition, Brexit is now imminent, with all the ramifications it entails. Although the roadmap for a new or growing business is by no means clear, in our new Q&A feature, headlined below, we give guidance on a wide variety of issues. Please do keep checking back for updates, and if we can help with anything do get in touch. Click on the topics below for more information.


  • Brexit as it unfurls – ongoing Q&A to help you prepare your business and personal interests as best you can for 1 January 2021.

  • Brexit – Immigration - focusing on this sensitive topic for all EEA and Swiss citizens and family members.


  • Know your directors' duties - UK's new insolvency laws. Start-ups are fragile and directors need to know their responsibilities in order to avoid being caught short.

  • Online platforms and the marketplace - how new EU legislation seeks to protect consumers and affect search engines and online intermediation services by prioritising both transparency and fairness.

  • Business interruption insurance - potentially encouraging results for small- and medium-sized businesses hoping to claim on their insurance policies for losses sustained during the pandemic.

  • Protect your and your customers' data  - tech businesses need to be at the forefront of the response.  How does California law responds to the challenge, and what is the new role for blockchain.

  • Business premises - planning and licencing reform for start-ups in the restaurant sector. Simplifying the process of getting a pavement seating licence and how shrewd tenants may capitalise on the terms of the leases to their benefit.

Useful advice for Founders (podcast series)

  • Using entrepreneurial skills for good – five top founders responded to Covid-19 by launching their own initiatives.

  • Do operators make the best VCs?  - how to pivot from being an executive to an investor, what is a personal board of directors and why everyone should have one of their own. Changing attitudes to diversity.

  • Does age matter? - starting out, developing mentoring relationships, being socially motivated and how age is no barrier to success.


  • UK job support scheme - get to grips with the key aspects of the scheme and understand how it could help keep your start-up afloat.  'JJS Open' and 'JJS Closed'

  • Our working world - we highlight the key issues that affect everyone in the modern workplace so they are as prepared and protected as possible.

Real estate

  • 'The future of real estate' - what are the ideas and creative concepts most likely to shape our work, home and social spaces for years to come.

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