Our work environments are changing, and fast. But how do you keep pace? And how do you manage your people and your businesses as we look to a tech oriented future?

We are living in an age of rapid transformation. Technological advancements, demographic shifts and changing consumer expectations are having a profound impact on the way we work. Our working world has changed immeasurably over the last decade and, perhaps more importantly, shows no signs of stopping. These changes present an opportunity to evolve our workplace, our workforce and the way we interact.

What can we expect?

Whilst it is incredibly difficult to forecast the future, we can make predictions by assessing the present and the progression of work environments so far. With flexible working as the new normal, shared working spaces encouraging collaboration and community and technology readily accepted into our everyday lives, we are experiencing an increasing blurring of work and life. But what about the impact on employee wellbeing and mental health? There are cultural shifts stimulated by the incoming workforce, employee attraction and retention complications and the traditional 9 to 5 is almost non-existent. What other issues might we expect?

How can we help?

As employment lawyers, we work at the intersection of employment law, business, culture and technology. In our #WorkingWorld campaign, we aim to highlight topical issues that affect everyone in the modern workplace, employer or employee. We aim to explain the impact of our modern world on traditional law, assessing the opportunities and challenges for us all in our present and future working world.

For help or advice on any of our #WorkingWorld issues, please get in touch below.

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