Italians in London – the main challenges of coronavirus

9 April 2020 | Applicable law: England and Wales, Italy

If you are an Italian living in London, we appreciate that the current situation created by Covid-19 has created many new challenges and raised lots of questions for you, not to mention the worries about your family and friends living in Italy.

Having worked with Italian clients in London and investors in Italy for over 30 years, including many household names in sectors from fashion to technology and banking to media, we understand the Italian scenario and your concerns as an expat and, in particular, how much you appreciate personal relationships.

Our Italian team of over 40 Italian-speaking lawyers and personnel in the UK can provide local assistance and co-ordinate the integrated international services you may need from our offices in Milan and Padova and our Italian Desks in the US, Switzerland and Asia.

Here are some of the key areas for individuals and businesses in which we can help during the current crisis and the people to contact.


Tax planning - Alessia Paoletto

  • I am self-isolating (whether in the UK or in Italy) and unable to leave the country to comply with the relevant government's travel restrictions. Do I run the risk of becoming inadvertently tax resident in the place where I am currently 'stuck' as a result of self-isolation?

  • Can my physical presence in a country when acting as a director of a foreign company tax cause issues for the company?

  • As a res non dom about to become deemed domiciled in the UK, is there anything I can do to limit my UK tax exposure in future years if I am unable to leave the UK before becoming UK deemed domiciled?

  • What other issues do I need to consider about UK personal tax?

Wills, pensions and insurance bondsMara Monte

  • I am keen to put my affairs in order and ensure that my estate plans work in a coordinated manner and cover all my assets, wherever they may be located. Is there anything I can do to sign a valid Will if I am not allowed to receive visits, in terms of overcoming UK formalities requirements (which require the Will to be witnessed by two independent witnesses)?

  • And what about Italy, how can I ensure that my Will is valid there too?

  • Where there are pension schemes or alternative pension arrangements, I would like to be sure that the appropriate nominations are in place and that pension payments are as tax efficient as possible.

  • As policyholder of a foreign (non UK) insurance bond, I would like to make sure that the proceeds of the policy go to the right beneficiaries and would like to understand the overall UK tax implications so I can establish if anything can be done now to mitigate my UK tax exposure.

  • How do I go about executing my will in this period of social distancing?

EmploymentClaire Christy

  • My employer is talking about a Furlough scheme – what is this and how does this work?

  • What is the difference between furlough, redundancy and lay off?

  • Can I ask for a period of leave or more flexible working to look after our children?

  • I employ staff – what are my obligations to them?

  • More Employment Q&A

PropertyNicholas Vaughan

  • My tenant has contacted me to ask for a reduction in the rent. What should I do? What if I want to ask a tenant to leave?

  • Can I still go ahead with the sale/purchase of my London property now or do I have to wait until the crisis is over?

  • What about vacant possession?

Social causes and PhilanthropyChris Priestley

  • I would like to help in some way. How can I do this effectively in a short time?

  • How is Philanthropy affected by Coronavirus

FamilySuzanne Todd

ImmigrationTracy Evlogidis


Venture capital, start-ups and new businesses - James Shaw

Insolvency and Disputes - Roberto Moruzzi, Lesley Timms

  • What can I do if I have a disagreement with a supplier about a contract?

  • Not sure if my company can hold out, what do I need to do now?

  • I may have to close my company – what is a "pre-pack"?

  • What general advice can you give me on Insolvency

Commercial PropertyPaul Brecknell

  • I am a tenant and want to request a reduction in rent from my landlord. What are my rights?

  • What about business rates?

  • Can I get some cash flow help?

What other Commercial real estate issues do I need to consider?

For more information and details about how we can help in the USA and ASIA, please contact Sidney Ross in our marketing team.

This document (and any information accessed through links in this document) is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Professional legal advice should be obtained before taking or refraining from any action as a result of the contents of this document.


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