David Guin

Partner | New York

Secretary Liya Ali



  • 'Beyond the Checklist: Diligence in PE M&A,'  2023 TechGC PE Buyout M&A Virtual Forum - January 26, 2023, co-speaker
  • ABA (RPTE) Presentation: Key Considerations in Setting Up a Family Office (co-presenter with Ivan Sacks and Kirby Rosplock, Tamarind Partners) - June 29, 2021

  • 'Family Office Compliance Policies and Record Keeping,' Tamarind Learning Podcast Series - November 13, 2020, speaker

  • 'Family Office Set-up, Structure, and Compliance,' Tamarind Learning Podcast Series - November 9, 2020, speaker

  • 'Withers talks: families and family office | Ep 2 - Employment agreements, and incentives for performance and retention,' Withersworldwide podcast - September 3, 2020, speaker

  • 'Dolphin Tank Fashion Tech,' Springboard Enterprises (San Francisco) - February 26, 2020, speaker

  • 'Family Relationships: Married-ins', Family Business Magazine's Transitions East 2015 Conference, Tampa - March 25-27, 2015

  • 'Legal Concerns Relevant to the New Generation', Columbia University's Family Business Club 2015 Conference, New York City - February 20, 2015

  • 'Structuring Your Family Office for Success: What Every Family Should Know About Government Taxation, Regulation, and the New Rules for 2015 and Beyond', NYSSCPA's Fifth Annual Family Office Conference, New York City - February 2015

  • 'Is the World Really Flat for U.S. Families Investing Abroad?', Sustainable Family Office Operations and Management Conference, New York City - June 2014

  • 'Regulatory Roundup: The Current Compliance Challenges Faced by the Affluent and their Advisors', Private Asset Management, New York City - May 2014

  • 'Not All in the Family: Navigating Securities Laws for Family Offices and Estate Planning', ALI-CLE - November 2013

  • AICPA Family Office Group Meeting, Pasadena, CA - November 2013

  • 'From Family Office Formation to Regulation', Family Firm Institute Conference, San Diego, CA - October 2013

  • 'Understanding the Impact of Regulatory Issues Confronting Family Offices', UBS Family Office Forum - May 2013

  • 'Compliance Best Practices', Fidelity Family Office Services - April 2013

  • 'Take 15 Series', CFA Institute - February 2013 - Click here to watch the interview on Brightcove.com

  • 'The Brave New World of Advertising', Raising Capital from the Exceptionally Wealthy - January, 2013

  • 'The Impact of Dodd-Frank On Family Offices,' Financial Navigator - September 2012, webinar - Click here to watch the presentation

  • 'Dodd Frank and Registration of Family Offices with the SEC', AICPA Family Office Networking Group, New York City - April 2012

  • 'Dodd Frank Act: A New Paradigm for Family Office', Opal Financial Group Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum, Santa Rosa - Nov 2011

  • 'Family Office Exemption under Dodd-Frank', FiNalternatives, October 2011

  • 'How Will Dodd-Frank Act Affect Me?', Withers' The Old And The New Seminar, Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland - February 2011

  • 'SEC Regulation of Family Offices', MetCircle, New York - January 2011