Deirdre Kit Yun Fu

Partner | Hong Kong

Secretary Erny Sendjaja



External publications

  • 'How Enduring Power of Attorney works in Hong Kong and why it is useful' - Mar 2022, co-author

  • 'Is it necessary to have a Chinese notarised will to deal with my assets in the mainland?' - Dec 2021, co-author

  • 'Implementation of Common Reporting Standard in Hong Kong - Implications for Family Trust with a Private Trust Company as Trustee', Lexology - Dec 2016

  • 'Wealth and Succession Planning: Lessons Learned From the Winding Up of Yung Kee Holdings Limited', Lexology - Mar 2016

  • 'What does "property under my name" really mean?', Lexology - Dec 2015

  • 'Passing your estate to a discretionary trust by will - pitfalls to avoid', Lexology - Oct 2015