Jennifer Dickson

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Track record

Helping to defend an application

Helping to defend an application by a wife to adduce evidence on the value of a hedge fund management company in the High Court and then the Court of Appeal (Cooper-Hohn v Hohn [2014] EWCA Civ 896).

Protecting private information

Working on a team to prevent private information relating to a client's financial affairs from being made public during a hearing which the press was entitled to attend.

Acrimonious divorce case

Taking an acrimonious divorce case from first meeting to swift and successful financial settlement within six weeks.

Mother and daughter relocation after divorce

Advising and successfully representing a mother who wished to move with her daughter to the United States in circumstances where the father objected.

Postnuptial agreement

Advising a wife on the terms of a post-nuptial agreement when she and her husband had reached a difficult time in their marriage, hoped to try and make things work, but needed some financial reassurance and protection.

Dispute over arrangements for children

Acting for a father embroiled in a dispute with his former wife over the arrangements for their children for the next year. Mediation had broken down, but the mother's lawyer and Jennifer resolved it swiftly, and without the need for court proceedings.