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Track record

Multi-billionaire businessman ordered to return 53 olive trees during divorce proceedings

Following substantial financial proceedings after their divorce, our client's husband removed a significant number of mature olive trees from a plot of land to be transferred to our client. The court found that the husband (who had previously told 'outright lies' to the court) was responsible for the uprooting of the trees, and was motivated by 'pure spite'. He was ordered to return them and to pay our client's costs.

Marital or non-marital assets

Katharine represented the wife in Christoforou v Christoforou [2016], a case involving complicated issues surrounding onshore and offshore property owning companies, including the beneficial ownership of the shares in those companies, the categorization of assets as marital or non-marital, and the assessment and treatment of potential tax liabilities. The wife was awarded an equal division of the assets and a proportion of her costs to be paid by her husband.

Contribution, share valuation and non-matrimonial assets

Acting for the wife in X v X [2016], Katharine was successful in arguing that the husband's interest in a trust should be considered a resource of his. The case also involved complex issues in respect of contribution, share valuation and non-matrimonial assets.

Divorce trusts

Katharine acted for the husband in the case of Charman v Charman, the leading case on trusts in the context of divorce and which case involved litigation in England and offshore. The court also recognised Mr Charman's special contribution resulting in a 63/37% division in Mr Charman's favour.

Order for maintenance

Katharine represented the husband in the Court of Appeal case Vaughan v Vaughan where the husband sought to terminate an order for maintenance payable to his former wife in retirement.

Overseas divorce

Katharine acted for the husband in D v D (a case involving the nature of the recognition of an overseas divorce and the financial relief available in England).