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*Our Firm is a foreign law joint enterprise (gaikokuhou kyoudou jigyou) between Withers Gaikokuhou Jimu Bengoshi Houjin (whose member and its employees are attorneys-at-law admitted in California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii and New York, all of whom are foreign registered attorneys (Gaikokuhou Jimu Bengoshi) in Japan) and Withers Bengoshi Houjin (whose member and its employees are qualified Japanese bengoshi), as defined under Article 2, item 15 of the Special Measures Law Concerning the Handling of Legal Business by Foreign Lawyers (Gaikoku Bengoshi ni yoruHouritsu Jimu no Toriatsukai ni kansuru TokubetsuSochiho) of Japan.

Koji Yamamoto is a partner in the investment management team of the Tokyo office.

Koji Yamamoto has advised clients in the investment funds and investment management area for over 14 years at international law firms in Tokyo. Prior to joining Withers, Koji has been a part of a group that has historically been recognized as a top investment management practice in Japan by the AsianInvestor and Chambers Asia Pacific.

Koji has significant experience in advising offshore fund managers and financial institutions with respect to a wide range of activities in Japan from capital raising to trading on the Japan exchanges and applications for Japan financial registrations.

Koji has been recommended as a leading private funds lawyer by Who’s Who Legal.

Secretary Shiori Ishiguro

Track record



Represented numerous top tier hedge fund managers and private equity fund managers with respect to rules and regulations applicable to capital raising activities in Japan. Scope of such regulatory advice included submission of filings and registrations applicable to Japan offerings with the Financial Services Agency of Japan.

Advising fund managers regarding the rules and regulations of Japan with respect to Japan exchange trades, including Block Shareholding Reports; Short Selling (including Japan Regulation M), Insider Trading; Shareholder Proposals, etc.

Assisted clients in registering as financial instruments business operator in Japan (Type 1, Type 2, Investment Manager, and Investment Advisor).

New York State Bar, 2002

Dai-ni Tokyo Bar Association, 2013

‘What is the impact of the JFSA registration procedure for HFTs?’, Panel Participant at the Financial Information Services Association of the SIIA – 13 Sept 2018, panellist



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