Sherlin Tung

Partner | Hong Kong

Secretary Wynnie Poon


Track record

Artificial intelligence based web marketing and technology services

Represented an artificial intelligence based web marketing and technology services company in a dispute with an Australian headquarterd artifical intelligence conglomerate over the company's investments in a Cayman Islands' based fund. The dispute was resolved before commencing any litigation or arbitration proceedings. 

Belgian funder

Represented a Belgian funder in a dispute with Chinese counterparties over a financial investment in a Cayman Islands' incorporated company that was meant to go public. All disputes to be resolved by arbitration in Hong Kong is to be administered by the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre.

Mainland Chinese industrial conglomerate

Represented a mainland Chinese industrial conglomerate, Zhongshan Fucheng Industrial Investment Co. Ltd., on a billion-dollar treaty claim against the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the China-Nigeria bilateral investment treaty. 

Hong Kong based family office

Representing and advising a Hong Kong based family office in commercial disputes with business partners over investments in the U.S. and Hong Kong.

HKIAC arbitration

Representing and advising a privately held, Belgian incorporated private funds company and its subsidiaries in the U.K. and the BVI in a HKIAC arbitration involving a dispute with a P.R. Chinese privately held investment company and its Cayman Islands and BVI subsidiaries.

New York litigation and ICC arbitration

Representing and advising a publicly held Chinese international aviation conglomerate in parallel proceedings: a New York litigation and ICC arbitration seated in New York against a publicly held U.S. technology company.

Court litigation

Providing an expert report for an international conglomerate headquartered in Brussels in a court litigation against a customer over the breach of a sale and distribution agreement for the sale of medical products.

HKIAC arbitration

Representing and advising a publicly listed Japanese technology company and its Hong Kong subsidiary in a HKIAC arbitration in a dispute with a publicly listed Australian investment company and its Hong Kong, Cayman Islands, and BVI subsidiaries.


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