T. Sandra Fung

Partner | New York

Secretary Sunshine Paculor



  • 'Past, Present and Future of the Duty to Inform: Practical Guidance on Advising Trustees' ABA RPTE Conference – April 27, 2022, speaker 
  • 'Can Flexible Drafting Go Too Far? And Your Annual Non-Tax Hot Topics' ABA RPTE Conference - April 23, 2021, speaker
  • 'Withers talks: families and family office | Ep 4 - Moving trusts,' Withersworldwide podcast - September 17, 2020, speaker
  • 'Probate Strategies When Non-Resident/Non-Citizen Decedents Own US Assets: Legal, Tax, and Practical Issues,' Strafford Webinar - April 28, 2020
  • 'Tax Apportionment in Wills and Estate Documents: Allocating Wealth Transfer Taxes Among Beneficiaries,' Strafford Publications Webinar - December 2018
  • 'Probate Strategies When Non-Resident/Non-Citizen Descendants Own U.S. Assets: Legal, Tax and Practical Issues,' Strafford Publications Webinar - April 2018