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Tatiana is a partner in the litigation and arbitration team.

She is an experienced commercial litigator, working on both court cases and arbitrations, with market-leading experience in complex cross-border disputes involving shareholders, commercial and financial contracts and fraud related to digital finance, cryptocurrency and digital assets, technology, financial instruments and construction, asset tracing, cross–border enforcement of judgments and arbitral awards. Her team is advising on various issues related to UK, EU and US financial sanctions regulations.She has led a number of high profile cases for both corporates and high-net-worth individuals facing personal and professional challenges.

Tatiana sits as an arbitrator in commercial cases and she is also an accredited mediator, which adds to her experience navigating different routes to dispute resolution. She works with her clients to understand all available options and provides strategic solutions to help them reach a resolution.  
Tatiana is particularly experienced in disputes involving parties from or with interests in Russia, Ukraine and the CIS. She is dual-qualified as a solicitor – advocate in England & Wales and Russia and leads our Russia, Ukraine and CIS Group. Tatiana is also a member of a Withers Crypto special interest group steering committee. She is qualified as a Russian Advocate as well and was called to the Moscow City Bar in 2002. While this is a natural geographical focus for her, she also works with clients based in the UK, US, Spain, Italy,  France, Netherlands, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Switzerland,  UAE, BVI  and Cyprus and has significant experience advising them in all manner of cross–border disputes involving these regions. 
She is a regular speaker at various dispute resolution conferences and events and publishes articles on issues of digital assets, jurisdiction, enforcement and arbitration.
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Me in a minute

Years on still I believe that the right combination of logic, passion, daring and strategic thinking helps equally in court cases and everywhere else

My first degree was not law, it was applied mathematics. However, quite soon after graduation I realised that I need more extravert profession with lots of communication and emotions. However a passion to structure everything logically still dominates my approach to work (and everything else).

I remember discussing that I wished to become a lawyer with various people I met in my mid 20's and the range of answers ranged from 'it is too late' to 'this may be a good idea, but surely math is less boring'.I decided that a pure law degree was not enough, a combination of law and language should be more challenging. I qualified as a Russian advocate and as an English Solicitor Advocate and years on still believe that a right combination of logic, passion, daring and strategic thinking helps equally in court cases and everywhere else.