Tom McElligott

Registered Foreign Lawyer | Singapore

Secretary Anita Abu Bakar

Operating as Withers KhattarWong LLP in Singapore.


Track record

De-enveloping of UK residential properties

Advising international families on the de-enveloping of UK residential properties and the associated UK tax implications.

Trust documentation

Drafting trust documentation for the establishment of an offshore double trust structure as part of a pre-arrival planning exercise for a high level diplomat.

Pre-arrival planning advice

Providing pre-arrival planning advice for ultra-high net worth individuals from USA, the ASEAN region, the Middle East and Europe moving to the UK, including technical tax advice and practical advice on bank account segregation and the remittance rules.

Administration of UK resident trusts

Overseeing the administration of UK resident trusts, providing UK tax and trust advice to the trustees, assisting with changes of trustees and drafting various trustee resolutions, deeds of appointment, deeds of advancement and exclusion of beneficiaries.

Joint UK and US tax and restructuring advice

In coordination with US counsel, preparing joint UK and US tax and restructuring advice to facilitate the restructuring of a substantial literary estate.

Comprehensive Will planning exercise

Advising on a comprehensive Will planning exercise for an ultra-high net worth individual, resident and domiciled in states that impose Shariah succession principles, with assets in numerous jurisdictions.

Disclosure reports

Preparing disclosure reports under the Worldwide Disclosure Facility in relation to Liechtenstein foundations and historic non-reporting of IHT, IT and CGT liabilities for UK resident, non-domiciled but deemed domiciled settlors/founders.

Canadian estate interest restructuring

Preparing advice and documentation for the restructuring of an interest in a Canadian estate, comprising mostly of Canadian business and property assets.