Working with us

What can you expect?

At your first meeting with us, our priority will be to understand your circumstances and what the best outcome looks like for you or to achieve your aims. We will give you clarity, alongside realistic and strategic advice, setting out various options along with an indication of timings and an indication of cost. Our aim is that you will leave your first meeting with us better informed and better protected.

We will recommend the right approach, which will include considering whether your case can be settled out of court in the interests of speed, privacy and managing conflict and cost. We have led the way in developing a number of different ways to do this.

We understand that separation and divorce is a traumatic and stressful process. You will be given support throughout to ensure that you feel confident about your case and the way forward. If you need legal protection urgently we are perfectly placed to take action. If a court case is the right way to go, we are tenacious litigators with an exceptional track record. We are also skilled negotiators who will work with your partner’s legal team to ensure that you achieve your aims.

We commit to keeping our clients’ affairs strictly confidential, and to handle all of your personal information with the utmost discretion and sensitivity. Although some cases may reach the public eye if they are heard in court, we encourage clients to consider more private dispute resolution methods such as arbitration or our new approach to separating well where confidentiality is key.

Our central aim is to reach a solution that works best for you and your family, so that you can move on with your life.

Better informed. Better protected.

How can we help you?

If you would like advice or guidance on any of the topics covered in the podcasts or on our website, please get in touch and a member of the team will contact you. If you are separating or approaching divorce, please provide a brief summary of your circumstances so that we can direct your enquiry swiftly to the right person.

You can call us on 020 7597 6364 or email the team by clicking below.