Our London art collection

Talent and success

We are extremely proud to introduce our art collection, which is on display in our London office.

As a firm, we are focused on helping our clients achieve success in their personal and professional lives, and our ambition with this collection is, with the help of Art Acumen, to assemble works which reflect the qualities we admire and celebrate in our clients. The collection consists of contemporary photography by British and international artists, representing a variety of styles, techniques and approach.

We expect our collection to grow and evolve, bringing in works from our existing collaborators as well as adding new artists who will bring new perspectives to the collection’s amalgam, and you can follow the development of the collection here and on our Instagram account. We also hope that showcasing their works in our collection will help contribute to their own success as their careers develop.

We hope that you enjoy the collection and find something here that inspires you!

Rudi Sebastian

Sebastian graduated from Wiesbaden, 1983, Communication Arts and Photography. Since then he has enjoyed a successful career in graphic design and advertising, before focusing fulltime on fine art photography and stock photography.

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Tom Bradley

Tom Bradley is a photographer and artist from London, though he lives a semi-nomadic life with no permanent base.

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David Baker

The Ridge Trees project concentrates on a specific area of the New Forest, Hampshire and has been governed by two triangles. The first of these relates to three geographical points of the Forest and all photographs have been made within this boundary. The second is really concerned with light and time with the three points being mist, in autumn or winter and at the cusp of dawn.

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Federico Winer

I’ve always been interested in maps. The complexity of political maps, and the beauty of physical ones. They show mankind’s curiosity for our world, and the way we deal with our surroundings. From what is thought to be a schematic of the night sky found in the caves of Lascaux, dating to 16,500BCE, passing through the Babylonian clay tablets, to the maps I used when I was in school, and the ones I show to my students in the University today.

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Jürgen Novotny

Historical, bizarre and beautiful cameras capture photos of themselves… on backgrounds of contemporary wallpapers.

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Margaret Ashman

Ashman has developed strong themes within her practice based on the photographic image.

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Miss Aniela

Miss Aniela is a British fine-art photographer who creates elaborate scenes eroding the boundaries between fine-art and fashion, depicting contemporary models with a classical reference inspired by Renaissance painting and Dutch masters. She explores juxtapositions in her works, between nature and manmade, the female form and interiors, painterly motifs and digital photography. Her work has been exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery, the Houses of Parliament, and Waldermarsudde Museum in Stockholm.

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Natalie Tkachuk

The series ‘Traces’ is a selection of vintage letters and books, photographed using large format 5×4 inch film set against a black background. The recollected items in the imagery have been sourced and collected from house clearances and junk shops exploring concepts of the lost and the forgotten, what a stranger leaves behind; traces of time, memory, and presence.

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Tine Poppe

Tine Poppe is an artist/ photographer living and working in Oslo, Norway. Her practice focuses on bringing attention to social, political and environmental issues, particularly the refugee crisis, racism and climate change.

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Zac MaCaulay

Zac Macaulay has been a photographer for over thirty years, specialising in underwater stills and more recently, film production. His first major project an international ad shoot for Diesel in 1997, was followed by a long career of advertising commissions and personal fine.

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