Handling harassment and blackmail

When contact from others becomes inappropriate, excessive or intimidating, it can leave you feeling distressed, upset, and even fearful.

Individuals are increasingly being threatened, harassed and blackmailed by former associates – in life or in business – as well as by anonymous parties. And more and more, our children are suffering threats to disclose private and confidential information, often of a sexual nature, unless they ‘pay up’ in some way.

We know how to deal with these difficult and distressing issues sensitively, pragmatically and swiftly. We have considerable experience in providing both practical and legal advice to clients who are being harassed, bullied and/or blackmailed.

If you are being harassed or blackmailed whether by a former spouse or partner, by any third party or by someone you don’t know, we can help.

We will investigate anonymous perpetrators, seek and undertake negotiations with them to put an end to harassment. Where needed, we will apply for an injunction to prevent continued problems.

If information has already been disseminated, we will assist in minimizing damage caused and liaise with our criminal specialists to advise on raising a complaint with the authorities.

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How to handle harassment

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