Wherever in the world you wish to live, work or employ people, our highly effective team of immigration lawyers can help.

Withers is an international law firm with immigration lawyers located across offices, including strong capabilities in the USA, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and Italy. Our multilingual team of immigration solicitors has decades of experience, and our team members have helped shape immigration law in their respective countries.

Whether you are a business or an individual, our immigration solicitors will carefully listen to your needs and concerns, advising on the most effective means of achieving those objectives. We understand that immigration law is a complicated topic and have attempted to simplify the subject here by answering some of the queries you may have.

Of course, if you want more information on immigration rules and legislation and how our team of experienced lawyers can assist you, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we’ll do everything in our power to help.

When do you need an immigration lawyer?

You may wish to enlist the services of an immigration solicitor to guide you through any number of scenarios. For example, you may be representing a company seeking to hire foreign employees, someone hoping to attain citizenship overseas, or be part of a family that has been separated and wishes to be reunited.

Our immigration lawyers can help both businesses and individuals with the following:

Residency and green cards
Global mobility

Whatever your needs, you can rest assured that our highly qualified team is perfectly positioned to guide you towards a satisfactory resolution.

How do I find a good immigration lawyer?

You can benefit from the skills and experience of a Withers immigration solicitor by getting in touch with one of our many offices around the world. We have a presence in numerous locations across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America – from Hong Kong, Singapore, London and Milan to Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.

You can be confident that you’re affiliating with a firm boasting unrivalled experience and a wealth of knowledge. That is certainly true of our immigration lawyers, who will listen carefully to your situation and provide sound advice on the best course of action.

How much would an immigration lawyer cost?

Each case is likely to be different and our immigration lawyers will talk you through the particulars. You will receive a bespoke service, tailored precisely to your needs, but of course it’s only logical that if your case requires more work, our fees will increase.

Our fees are calculated in line with the hourly rates of the team member working on your case*. As of 1 July 2021, they are as follows:

• Partner: £650 per hour
• Solicitor: £290-£480 per hour
• Paralegal: £190 per hour
• Caseworker: £110 per hour

*These prices are specific to the UK, if you require immigration advise outside of the UK please contact us. Please note that these figures do not include VAT, which is applied at 20%.

For further guidance on the typical fees for our various services, please see our pricing table, while additional information on our price and service information can be found here.

What can an immigration lawyer do?

Our immigration solicitors work across all categories of the Points Based System and will deliver expert guidance to all our clients, whether they are applying for work visas, study visas or visas for dependents.

Our solicitors will take instructions and provide expert immigration advice, which can be given in person, over the phone or in writing. Our lawyers will devise a strategy, keep you informed of any relevant timeframes as well as request and analyse the documents needed to support your application.

As forward-thinking immigration attorneys, we take pride in our ability to develop creative solutions to exceptional cases and work closely together with lawyers in other teams to ‘stress-test’ applications before submitting. In the rare instances where an application is not accepted, we will appeal the matter in court.

And due to Withers’ global presence, our team has a wealth of experience dealing with immigration law across many jurisdictions, navigating the various complexities in an assortment of countries.

Besides immigration advice, what other services can Withers provide?

Should your immigration or expatriation be part of a broader set of needs, we can call on our colleagues in related fields such as:

Banking and finance
Real estate
Trusts and estate planning

Why should I choose Withers’ immigration lawyers?

There are many reasons why choosing Withers means you are partnering with the best immigration law firm in the business. Here are just a few of them:

Experience: Founded in 1896, we have been providing sound legal guidance to our clients for over 125 years, and our immigration advice has played a huge role in that offering.
Global reach: We have offices around the world, from San Francisco to Singapore, meaning we are fully versed in immigration law across many territories.
Responsibility: We’re firm believers in the importance of our business being a meaningful part of the communities in which we operate, which is why our corporate social responsibility encompasses environmental sustainability, charitable giving and pro bono initiatives.
Recognition: The hard work of our immigration lawyers and other teams has been acknowledged with numerous awards, including being recognized as among The Times Best Law Firms 2022; one of the Chambers UK top-ranked firms for 2022; and named as one of Singapore’s best law firms in a survey published by The Straits Times and Statista in 2022.
Expertise: We have advised over 25% of Forbes 400 List of the Wealthiest Americans; 66% of The Sunday Times Top 100 Rich List; and more than 35% of the Hong Kong Forbes Rich List. Our extensive portfolio of international clients includes Cancer Research UK, Charlotte Tilbury and Soundcloud, among others, so you can be confident you’re partnering with a firm boasting vast experience of dealing with high-profile cases across all sectors.

Seek the advice of a Withers immigration lawyer today

Our immigration lawyers stay true to the Withers philosophy of providing an experienced and professional service to all businesses and individuals that seek our guidance. If you require advice on immigration law or need the help of an immigration solicitor, we’re here for you. Simply get in touch with us at your convenience and we’ll do everything in our power to guide you in the right direction.

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We can also help with

Track record

Preventing deportation of young adult

Represented a young adult before the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum) and prevented his deportation from the UK on the basis that he had been registered as a British citizen whilst a minor. The fact that the decision to naturalize his parents had been invalidated due to their non-attendance at the citizenship ceremony, did not mean that the decision of the Home Office to register the client as a British citizen had also been invalidated.

An international family

Withers represents many successful families who live and work in countries around the world. We are sometimes asked to advise on contracts for personal staff who travel with the family, in this particular case when there were immigration issues to address.

The US-born son of a UK businessman

When he became engaged to a Swiss citizen, the son of a high-profile UK businessman asked us to help him obtain a British Passport and expatriate from the US. We were also asked to draft a prenuptial agreement. Timing was of the essence but as a global, full-service firm we created a team of immigration, family and private client lawyers to meet tight deadlines.

Asylum claim

Represented a female client who had been the victim of a rape in the UK and assisted her with her claim for asylum. Her asylum claim was approved by the Upper Tribunal on the basis that she was a member of a Particular Social Group as she would have been the victim of gender based violence if returned to her country of origin, the same country the perpetrator of her rape had been deported to.

North Asian family

Assisting and advising this family based in Taiwan with extensive business interests and assets in multiple jurisdictions. Advice includes a multi-disciplinary team covering succession planning, immigration and cross-border investment.

Moving a fashion design business to the US

Represented a Canadian native and prominent fashion designer in immigrating to the United States. We helped the designer create her entrepreneurial business structure and supported her brand through multi-jurisdictional intellectual property advice to protect the trademark and key designs. We continue to provide employment and commercial advice as the business grows.

Entrepreneur visa

Successfully overturned the refusal of a tier 1 entrepreneur’s application for indefinite leave to remain at administrative review leading to a grant of indefinite leave to remain for the individual and his family.

Amendment of Foreign Affairs Manual

Advocated on behalf of US citizenship renouncing persons and convinced the US Department of State to amend the Foreign Affairs Manual to allow renouncing citizens to retain their US passports while waiting for Department of State to issue the Certificate of Loss Nationality, and thereby permit these persons to continue to be able to travel to the US.

Immigration for adult dependant

Assisted a senior executive relocate to the UK his family which included an adult sibling with a learning disability who was fully dependant on him. The immigration rules do not provide for adult dependant relatives to join individuals in the UK under the Points Based System. We prepared detailed legal representations in support of the application and his dependant sibling was issued a visa to the UK outside the provision of immigration rules on a discretionary basis.

Global entertainment conglomerate

Assisted in the transfer of US employees to China for a global entertainment conglomerate.

Healthcare system immigration program

Consolidated and took lead in managing immigration program for one of America’s largest healthcare systems.

21 UK immigration judges

With a sterling reputation in the field of immigration, we were chosen to represent 21 part-time , fee-paid judges when they decided to challenge a judicial decision not to reappoint them to the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal on new fixed-term renewable contracts.

Employment visas and green cards

We routinely represent individuals of extraordinary ability in business, sciences and art in obtaining employment visas and green cards.

Major Brazilian real estate investor

Assisted a major Brazilian real estate investor to immigrate to the US, start a new business, acquire US real estate and reorganize his Brazilian and offshore investments. This involved obtaining a new passport and visas, international tax and corporate structuring, real estate advice and business planning.

Colombian family's US passport surrender

Advised a Colombian family on the surrender of their US passports in order to come into compliance with their US tax and reporting obligations and thereby cease to be subject to US compliance in a highly tax efficient manner.

Venezuelan family in relocation

Advised on the sale of assets in Venezuela and global residency, immigration and planning needs for a Venezuelan family needing to temporarily or permanently leave their country.

Pre-immigration planning for Brazil-USA move

A Brazilian private equity fund executive requested advice on pre-immigration planning in connection with his relocation to the United States. We helped to coordinate the timing of his tax recognition from certain transactions to occur while he was still a Brazilian tax resident and others to be taxed after becoming a US tax resident. We also established different types of trust structures to protect assets from US estate tax, a foreign trust to defer income taxation on existing carried interests, and a traditional US estate planning trust for carried interests not yet paying out.

Chilean US immigration

We helped the US-resident daughter of a successful Chilean entrepreneur through immigration issues and residency planning, supported tax and reporting efficient giving from her father, and provided cross border structuring advice.

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