The rise of decentralized finance (DeFi)

8 April 2021 | Applicable law: US | 32 minute listen

Episode 5 of Withers talks: cryptocurrency series

This episode of the Withers talks: cryptocurrency podcast is titled, ‘The rise of decentralized finance (DeFi).’ As with many areas of the broader economy in which suppliers are trying to get closer to consumers and cut out intermediaries and middlemen, DeFi disrupts centralized financial services by creating a market where financial transactions can take place directly between two parties, without requiring a central authority. DeFi seeks to include all of the same activities of our current financial system, like borrowing, lending, trading and pledging, in a more efficient, transparent and accessible way, while also reducing risk. And it continues to grow.

Podcast host Charles Kolstad is joined by Ridge Barker, chair of the corporate finance team in Withers’ Greenwich office, as well as Joe Bambara, CIPP/US, attorney/technologist and consultant to Withers, to discuss the ins and outs of DeFi within the cryptocurrency and digital asset space for experienced crypto investors and novices to DeFi alike.

How does DeFi differ from our current financial system? What are the products and components of the ecosystem, and who are the participants currently? What are the investment opportunities in DeFi? How are taxes affected by DeFi transactions? What are the regulatory and securities risks for developing DeFi products? Listen as Charles, Ridge and Joe discuss all things DeFi in our latest podcast episode.

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