Billy Ko

Partner | Hong Kong

Secretary Angel Chak



External publications

  • 'Transfer of property in a divorce settlement in Hong Kong' - May 2022, co-author

  • 'How Enduring Power of Attorney works in Hong Kong and why it is useful' - Mar 2022, co-author

  • 'Enforcement and recognition of matrimonial orders between Hong Kong and the Mainland' - Feb 2022, co-author

  • 'Hong Kong and Singapore: Relocation in the time of Covid' - June 2021, co-author

  • 'The financial (In)security of a mistress on the death of her benefactor' - November 2020, co-author

  • 'The Risk of Dealing with Your Assets Prior to Divorce' - August 2020, author

  • 'How to improve your relationships during a global pandemic' - July 2020, author

  • 'Planning ahead in times of the Coronavirus' - March 2020, co-author

  • 'Managing incapacity in Hong Kong's ageing population' - STEP Journal, January 2020, co-author