Steven Wheeler

Partner | Tokyo

Secretary Risa Itabashi

*Our Firm is a foreign law joint enterprise (gaikokuhou kyoudou jigyou) between Withers Gaikokuhou Jimu Bengoshi Houjin (whose Partners are attorneys-at-law admitted in California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii and New York, all of whom are foreign registered attorneys (Gaikokuhou Jimu Bengoshi) in Japan) and Withers Bengoshi Houjin (whose Partners, Associates and Counsel are qualified Japanese bengoshi), as defined under Article 2, item 15 of the Special Measures Law Concerning the Handling of Legal Business by Foreign Lawyers (Gaikoku Bengoshi ni yoru Houritsu Jimu no Toriatsukai ni kansuru TokubetsuSochiho) of Japan.


Steven Wheeler is a partner in the real estate team of the Tokyo office.

He has been resident in Japan for nearly two decades. He advises Japanese and international clients on a broad range of corporate and commercial matters, particularly in the areas of real estate acquisition and financing, bank lending, corporate structuring and restructuring, and onshore/offshore joint ventures. He also regularly advises clients on licensing matters.

Steven is experienced in representing international commercial banks and institutional lenders on the lender side and many high-profile active borrowers investing into Japan in a variety of asset and structured finance transactions, with a focus on real estate. His practice also includes fund formation, structured finance, M&A, and other general corporate matters.

Steven is admitted to the Connecticut bar and the Florida bar. He is also registered as a Gaikokuho Jimu Bengoshi (foreign registered attorney) in Japan.