12 July 2010

Latin American Planning Group

Who We Are

Our Latin American Planning Group (LAPG) is comprised of a highly __ experienced __ team of attorneys who are deeply committed to providing international legal advice to our Latin American clientele.  This group includes lawyers with qualifications in a number of jurisdictions practicing US, English and Canadian law and is supported by over 300 professionals across Withers’ eight offices worldwide.  As a result of these qualifications and commitment, the LAPG has developed a capability and reputation for addressing the international wealth structuring needs of Latin American families.  Our lawyers regularly visit with clients and their local advisors in Latin America, maintain their knowledge of current issues facing these clients, and work closely together to develop creative and efficient solutions to their problems. 

What We Do

Wealth planning for families in Latin America is complex and has many aspects which are special to the countries involved.  Our clients are primarily high net worth families based in or investing in the region, and on occasion, international banks, trust companies, local law firms and other professionals providing services in the region.  This enables us to provide cross-border advice to our clients in Latin America in such key areas as: 

  • Use of trusts and other fiduciary structures, including advice on the comparison and selection of different trust jurisdictions around the world and the implementation of useful and innovative fiduciary structures customized to a family’s particular planning needs;
  • Foreign investment and tax structuring, often involving multiple holding entities, the use of tax treaties, and the design of funds, partnerships and financial products to produce an appropriate result for our clients;
  • Succession planning, including the design and organization of family companies, family offices, private trust companies and foundations, family constitutions and international wills;
  • Litigation and litigation avoidance, including everything from international contractual disputes, to family disputes and divorce, to cases involving the claims of Madoff victims and Lehman investors;
  • Commercial and real estate advice, including cross-border mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and securities law, and all forms of residential and commercial property transactions;
  • Special Assets, including advice and services related to investments in art, aircraft, yachts, horses and sports teams.

Our Strengths

Experienced. Our Latin American team has extensive experience in handling the issues associated with cross-border planning, enabling us to avoid common pitfalls and to manage the complexities of international transactions. Our attorneys are often requested to speak at domestic and international seminars and conferences and are regularly featured in legal publications.  Our team regularly attends educational seminars and remains up-to-date on current legal developments.

Responsive. The members of our Latin American team strive to provide excellent services to our clients in a timely manner.  It is the Firm’s policy to communicate with our clients to provide them with the assistance they need when they need it.

Innovative. Effective wealth management and transfer planning for a family requires careful coordination of both the ownership and control of the family’s worldwide assets in a personal and customized way.  We recognize that every family is different and requires individual solutions.  Our Latin American families look to us to advise them in a multi-jurisdictional context – developing strategies to protect the family’s wealth- regardless of where assets, individuals and businesses may be located now and in the future.

Well Connected. International planning naturally requires coordination of domestic and international legal matters.  We recognize the need to have strong relationships with competent and informed local lawyers and work closely with a number of experienced, well-qualified law firms in Latin and South America.

Confidential. We pride ourselves on preserving our clients’ confidentiality and helping them maintain the privacy of their affairs.


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