Mindfulness, green finance and sustainable investment

18 January 2022 | 21 minute listen

Episode 12 of Talking Success with Aasmah Mir

Aasmah talks to Vincent Thebault, Managing General Partner at the Monex Climate Impact Fund, about the future of finance, in particular the benefits and opportunities available for sustainable investment, and how Japanese culture and the practice of martial arts has influenced his life, career choices and many of his decisions.  

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Podcast host: Aasmah Mir

Aasmah Mir is an award winning broadcaster and journalist. She currently co-hosts the Breakfast Show on Times Radio and writes a regular column for The Times.

Guest | Vincent Thebault

Vincent is Managing General Partner at the Monex Climate Impact Fund, leading the fund’s investment management obligations. Vincent is also developing greentech projects related to the fund’s investments and sustainable finance projects involving the fund and Monex Group, Inc.

Prior to this, Vincent contributed to the launch of a fintech business in Singapore, focusing on digital document exchange and repository, and digital KYC processes. As the Japan CEO, he set up the Tokyo office of a European asset management company specializing in hybrid debt and equities investment in the financial sector.

He spent most of his 28 year long career with Credit Agricole group in Tokyo, where he served as the CEO of its Securities company for five years. He came to Japan as a portfolio manager, then developed several capital market activities, including credit product related activities (Primary, Trading and Structuring). Vincent has been living in Japan for 25 years with a passion for traditional Japanese martial arts.

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