25 March 2019

With...legal and business insights | Episode 3: Recap and looking forward

In episode 3 of our With… Legal and Business Insights podcast, Joe Morales gives a brief recap of key happenings with the podcast and Withers from 2018 and gives listeners a preview of what to expect from the podcast in 2019.

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J. Morales: Welcome to another episode of With… Legal and Business insights. I’m your host, Joe Morales. Today’s abbreviated installment is an opportunity for me to touch base with our listeners. Year end is typically an extremely busy time of year for law firms and my colleagues and I have been hard at work on a number of transactions and other projects that were bearing December 31st deadlines. Some of those spilled over into 2019.

However, I wanted to take a few moments to recap 2018 and let you know about some of the podcast topics that we currently have in the pipeline. Before we go there, let me start by thanking the listeners of our prior episodes. In 2018 With… Legal and Business insights tackled sports related legal topics with Michael Rueda who heads Withers sports practice in the US and learned about the impact of recent US tax law changes on US real estate investment. With my partner of Vasi Yiannoulis. We’ve received positive feedback on both episodes, which initially launched on iTunes and the Ios podcast APP. We look forward to expanding the number of platforms for current and past episodes as you move forward in 2019.

Speaking of 2019 I’m looking forward to the various topics that we have on tap. I’m currently working on episodes that focus on international arbitration, crypto currency, art law, blockchain applications in real estate and cross border litigation among others. Each of these podcasts installments will feature expert insight from a Withers attorney. The future of the podcast is exciting, but I also want to take a moment to look back on a couple of noteworthy Withers events at 2018.

First the firm added 40 new partners in 2018 between lateral joiners and new promotions from associate and council ranks. Second, the firm also created Withers Tech by acquiring London based firm Jag Shaw Baker. Withers Tech specifically tailors its legal services to the needs of technology based entrepreneurs, investors and companies throughout the world. Additionally, the firm advised his clients on a wide array of legal matters. From providing regulatory advice and compliance support in the international private equity space, to advising on sales of luxury real estate in New York and elsewhere. To representing individual and institutional clients on a number of different MNA transactions in different sectors and industries. To providing advice in the context of international arbitration cases. 2018 was a busy year for Withers as trusted advisers to its clients. With that, I conclude our 2018 recap in 2019 preview episode of With… Legal and Business Insights.

Please be sure to check us out at withersworldwide.com where you’ll find information about the firm and me and you can also listen to past episodes of the podcast. You can also follow whether it’s on Twitter at withersLLP, and you’ll also find me on Twitter using the handle at Joe_morales02. Please let us know what you think of the podcast and be on the lookout for new episodes coming soon. I’m your host, Joe Morales, and you’ll hear me next time on With… Legal and Business Insights. Thanks for listening.

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