Akinari Nakano

Counsel, Withers Bengoshi Houjin** | Tokyo

*Our Firm is a foreign law joint enterprise (gaikokuhou kyoudou jigyou) between Withers Gaikokuhou Jimu Bengoshi Houjin (whose Partners are attorneys-at-law admitted in California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii and New York, all of whom are foreign registered attorneys (Gaikokuhou Jimu Bengoshi) in Japan) and Withers Bengoshi Houjin (whose Partners, Associates and Counsel are qualified Japanese bengoshi), as defined under Article 2, item 15 of the Special Measures Law Concerning the Handling of Legal Business by Foreign Lawyers (Gaikoku Bengoshi ni yoru Houritsu Jimu no Toriatsukai ni kansuru TokubetsuSochiho) of Japan.

Akinari is a counsel in the real estate team.

Akinari is a counsel in the real estate team of the Tokyo office.

He advises on Japanese and international clients (investors and financial institutions) on a broad range of transactions and matters, particularly in the areas of real estate acquisition and financing, real estate securitization, onshore/offshore joint ventures, asset management and financial regulation matters (including securities law, trust business law and money lending business law).

He has also been involved in dispute resolutions regarding real estate.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, he worked for the Ministry of Finance of the Japanese government for 12 years (including 5 years at the Financial Services Agency).

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Represented a number of Japanese and foreign investors in the securitization of office buildings, retail facilities, logistic facilities, residential buildings and hotels as well as re-financing, including JPY 100 billion acquisition of office buildings in Tokyo area.

Represented Japanese and foreign financial institutions which extended non-recourse loans and undertook bonds, including JPY 200 billion non-recourse loan.

Represented foreign investors and asset management companies in dispute resolutions regarding real estate in Japan.

Japan, 2015

Member, Japan Federation of Bar Association

Member, Daini Tokyo Bar Association



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