Second edition: January 2018

With… insights is our Asia Pacific thought leadership magazine (available in both hard-copy and digital formats) which showcases a collection of key topics and expert perspectives, from personal, family, business and philanthropic matters.

The magazine is intended to highlight a number of the challenges and issues facing our clients both personally and professionally. It covers not only legal issues, but also other topics that matter to you.

Chase the future of F1

What can a rugby and baseball lover whose career was largely in the media bring to Formula 1?

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Thorne v Kennedy: the death knell for prenups in Australia?

Perhaps not shock waves but certainly ripples have passed over the Family law legal community in Australia with the judgment handed down by the High Court in Thorne v Kennedy on November 8.

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Why do you need a cross-border will?

With a range of assets in different locations, one will need to consider the succession law in relation to each of these locations to work out what will happen to these assets on death.

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Navigating the nuts and bolts of cyberbullying and online harassment or defamation

While information technology has helped to promote business, it can also be used to harass or defame a business or an individual.

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Cryptocurrencies: Decrypting the past, regulating the future

The increasing trading and applications of cryptocurrencies have given rise to a number of legal and tax issues, with many yet to be satisfactorily resolved.

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Important considerations for US Green Card holders

Any Green Card holder who spends more than a small amount of time traveling outside the US should be informed of the tax and immigration consequences of doing so.

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Have entrustment loans in China become obsolete?

Entrustment loans versus inter-company lending

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Warranty and indemnity insurance is a crucial consideration in an M&A transaction. Here’s how you can mind the gap

There are actions that can be taken to address the coverage gaps and maximise the effectiveness of a W&I policy.

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A guide to employment references: What’s the right thing to say?

Can employers be liable to ex-employees – danger of giving inaccurate references

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