Managing political risk

We are in uncertain times - politically, economically and personally.

The current situation is challenging for everyone, across many sectors and almost all borders. While there is a great deal of uncertainty, we can help individuals and businesses take practical steps to reduce their exposure.

Political uncertainty means less certain outcomes and that can be geopolitical, such as in the Middle East or Latin America, or more local in terms of how legal changes in jurisdictions can affect their own citizens, residents and foreign investors.

The attitude to wealth generation and succession has changed. Cross border investment, particularly in less stable regions, is more risky. Individuals are facing crackdowns on investment visas, and demands for disclosure and explanation of their wealth – and the introduction of capital controls cannot be ruled out. Changes in tax laws are less predictable, particularly for those with foreign investments, accumulated wealth or an international profile. The risk of claims being made against assets by states or other third parties is real and increasing.

The question of where and how to hold asset structures globally has never been more important to the protection of those assets. And seemingly easy solutions can have unforeseen consequences.

Look before you leap – planning, restructuring and managing

We have highly skilled teams based across Europe, the United States, Asia and the Caribbean, and cross border groups focusing on the interests of our clients in regions such as the Middle East, Israel, India, Russia, Ukraine and CIS, and Latin America.

If you are looking to move your family or business, or if you are concerned about overseas assets and investments, our lawyers in wealth structuring, tax, real estate, immigration, investment treaty protection, and international arbitration and litigation are on hand to advise on local and international issues.

Protecting your interests

In today’s political climate, it is vital for those with cross border assets to stay ahead of the curve as far as is possible, and prepare for all eventualities.

With your international trusts, we can stress test existing structures and suggest changes to ensure they hold up against potential third party claims. The balance of control in trusts is critical to ensuring the right level of influence, protection and resilience during uncertain times.

With your investments, we can advise on multi-lateral investment treaties to manage political risk and, if necessary, can assist to recover losses through international arbitration. It is worth remembering that these treaty protections apply equally to emerging markets as well as more established jurisdictions.

In all areas of exposure, we can help you assess risks, consider how you can structure your personal and financial affairs to mitigate potential threats, and manage ongoing issues so you are best placed to face the changing political climate, wherever you are.

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