Professional advisors

As professional advisors ourselves, we know that a focus on giving the very best to your clients can often mean that you concentrate on their affairs and neglect your own.

Over the years we have helped thousands of people like yourself deal with a wide range of personal and professional issues. At work we can be on hand to advise on the increasingly complex regulatory framework we all now operate under, especially if you find yourself in the spotlight and under some form of investigation by the authorities. Our regulatory team handles internal and external investigations of all scales, up to giving evidence to parliamentary or senate committees. Reputation is everything in the professional world, and we can also help you protect yours in the media and within your firm and industry.

In your corner

Alternatively we can be in your corner when dealing with your own organization, whether that’s negotiating the best deal on your arrival or defending your interests on departure. We have advised a huge number of professionals at all levels and have a great track record of delivering the results our clients are looking for.

Outside work we can help you manage your affairs and make sure that you are fully prepared for the future, whether you are thinking of moving house, working abroad or even changing career. All of this also requires careful tax planning to ensure you and your family minimize your tax liabilities. In addition, we can assist on prenuptial agreements for you or your children, protect your interests in the event of divorce or advice on the increasing issues surrounding dementia, care and capacity with regards to older relatives.

Ultimately, we can help take care of you as well as you take care of your clients.

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Preparing for an internal investigation or regulators' interview

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Leading firm for professional negligence



I have worked closely with Withers for years. They are a very effective law firm for international tax matters and I am confident that in each case we work on together we will be guided by their experience and insight.

David Russell QC, Outer Temple Chambers, London and Dubai

Our aim is to help our clients stay at the cutting edge of the market, and we expect our legal partners to have a sophisticated global view that provides our clients with accurate and cost-efficient solutions to their legal problems. We have worked with Withers for many years.


We have worked very closely with the Withers’ insurance team in developing some of the most innovative insurance strategies in the world.

Crown Global Insurance

Withers is a great legal match for us. Our clients acquire some of the most in-demand properties in London and expect the highest levels of service. We know that the Withers team places as much importance on this as us and offer the same degree of expertise.

Edmund Burke - Waltons International Ltd

We share with Withers a determination to help families to optimise their vision for the future. Withers’ broad experience in working with both domestic and international families makes the firm an ideal partner, and we don’t hesitate to recommend them to our clients.


We have worked with Joe Field and his team for many years. We have developed one of the premier independent trust companies in the US and we value Withers’ unparalleled record in sophisticated trust structuring and their ability to meet our clients’ needs.

South Dakota Trust Company

I have worked with the team on many real estate transactions in the UK, most of them highly distressed, all extremely complicated, and all had moving targets due to the complexity and timing of the deal. I am, however, glad to say all of them were highly successful.

Macintyre Asset Management

With the help of Withers, we have pursued the director of an insolvent company and have successfully obtained three freezing orders against assets in the hands of the director and third parties. Roberto has a wealth of experience in insolvency matters, and was able to put together an effective team in order to secure our position in circumstances where time was of the essence.

UHY Hacker Young LLP

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Track record

A European investment advisor

A European-based investment advisor approached Withers for advice on structuring its worldwide operations and other issues in the US. Because of our in-depth of knowledge of international markets, we were able to help with US withholding obligations as well as reporting obligations for US customers and accounts.

Hedge fund founders

When the founding principals of two of London's largest hedge funds turned to Withers for help devising a more integrated approach to tax structuring in the UK and US, our international knowledge and global reach made us ideally placed to help. We came up with the most efficient strategy and also advised them on effective estate planning, whether or not they stayed in the funds.

London banker facing bankruptcy proceedings

We acted for an investment banker in London who was facing bankruptcy proceedings as a result of a petition from HMRC for non-payment of tax. The non-payment was related to the sale of bank shares where she previously worked, which would have had a significant impact on her livelihood. We negotiated with HMRC on her behalf, saving her from bankruptcy proceedings and without adverse publicity.

US bank

This Californian arbitration case, Marlene McCoy et al v US Bank, related to a family trust. The trust beneficiaries had made claims against the trust and sought to prevent our client, as trustee, from paying its own legal costs out of trust funds. Our San Diego team argued that the beneficiaries' demands were unreasonable and their order was denied on appeal.

Co-op bank CEO, Barry Tootell

When director and CEO of the Co-op Bank Plc Barry Tootell stepped down in difficult and controversial circumstances, Withers's team demonstrated our in-depth knowledge of difficult situations to advise and negotiate his exit. Since 2013, our team has continued to act for him on arising issues and enquiries related to his time at the Co-op.

Swiss Trustees and a Swiss Bank

Advising Swiss trustees and a Swiss bank on the recovery of assets relating to unravelling an appointment upon the discovery of a fraud on a family trust and on the assets in the estate of the deceased settler in the sum of approximately £400m.

Major international bank

We advised a major international bank in the financing of six aircraft sold by a major US airline to a leasing company and then to Swedish limited partnerships.

Deutsche Bank

We advised Deutsche Bank on a loan of £10 million secured on a collection of silver.

UK fund manager

Assisted a UK fund manager on Italian tax issues relating to setting up and doing fund raising for a EU investment fund seeking to invest in EU renewable energy companies.

Major international law firm

We advised a law firm with offices in multiple jurisdictions on their global administration.

Crown Global

We worked with Crown Global to devise the first dual qualified US/UK insurance bond. The policy we advised on is the first insurance policy of its kind on the market which is suitable for individuals who are subject to the US and UK tax systems, such as US citizens living in the UK.

Financial institutions in Mexico

Advised major financial institutions in and outside of Mexico on the use of sophisticated tax compliant investment structures for their private clients to deal with ongoing developments in Mexican and international tax compliance regimes.

Employee of private equity fund

Advised internationally mobile employee of PE fund on taxation of deferred remuneration earned by him during UK and non UK residence periods but received the remuneration having left the UK. This involved a highly technical analysis, which was confirmed by tax counsel.

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