Cohabitation rights for unmarried couples

Cohabiting couples are the fastest growing type of family in the UK – numbers have doubled in the last 20 years. But cohabitation offers far less protection than marriage does and legislation has not caught up with the way modern families live today.

It is essential that we reform our laws so that cohabitants are better protected if their relationship breaks down. We were delighted to support Resolution’s Cohabitation Awareness Week in 2017 #ABetterWay #ModernFamilies. We want to raise awareness so that in addition to changing the law, we change the way that cohabiting couples think about protecting themselves.

A simple solution is a cohabitation agreement. For help and advice on creating one, please get in touch below.

Many people ask for a cohabitation definition but in legal terms, it doesn’t actually even exist. We believe this needs to change. Join us online to hear more – we will be posting a blog piece busting the myths about cohabitation daily so check back here regularly.

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Cohabitation - Get informed and get protected

If you are not married or in a civil partnership, your future security could be at risk if your relationship falters.

Michael Gouriet and Joanna Lazarus explain the issues and what you can do to protect yourself.



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98% of 240 family lawyers surveyed reported having worked with a cohabiting couple who they were unable to help due to a lack of legal protection. 89% said unmarried couples who separate are often surprised to find they have no legal rights.


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A cohabitation agreement will help to ensure you don't lose out should your relationship break down

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