If your aspiration is to become a citizen of another country, we can advise on applying for a second passport.

If you are interested in applying for a second passport to aid your global travel, manage risk or reduce your tax burden, we can advise on suitable jurisdictions as well as the routes to citizenship within them. We are experienced immigration lawyers who can walk you through the second passport application process. A process which can be challenging and complicated, and in some cases, take a very long time.

In some countries, obtaining a second passport and gaining full citizenship can take years. But we are here to guide our clients through the journey, with support and advice every step of the way. Our team of immigration law experts can assist with acquiring citizenship by descent, naturalisation in your chosen country, or citizenship by investment.

Applying for a second passport

Depending on your destination country, getting a second passport may require years of commitment before you are granted full citizenship. For example, in the UK you might acquire an investor visa, spend a period of 2-5 years’ continuous residence in the country, be granted indefinite leave to remain and then after a further 12 months be ‘naturalised’ and given a passport. We have successfully guided many clients and their families through this process, and it is always satisfying to see them gain acceptance in the country they want to call home.

Dual citizenship can provide families with more options and help protect their personal and financial freedom. Whether you are wanting to expand your investment horizons or get “citizenship insurance” for you and your family, we’re here to counsel you through each stage.

Many believe that multiple citizenship is an important step to internationalising, safeguarding against hostile governments and making it easy to travel, giving you the best benefits and privileges offered by each country. Whatever the reason for your application, we will give our expert advice and clearly communicate all necessary information on how to get a second passport in the fastest way.

Citizenship by investment is one of the quickest ways of obtaining a second passport through economic citizenship, also known as getting citizen by investment. In some nations, notably Malta and several Caribbean nations, it is possible to become a citizen with immediate effect if you invest in the economy of the host country. This is where high-income individuals can get passports in exchange for monetary investment or donation.

Economic citizenship programs will legally award citizenship status faster than the traditional immigration route, so investors don’t have to put their lives on hold. We have considerable experience in obtaining second passports for clients in all jurisdictions.

Can I get a second passport?

If you want to know how to get a second passport but you’re unsure if you or your family are eligible, contact our team for advice today. At Withersworldwide, we have worked with people of all backgrounds, including high net worth individuals, business owners and entrepreneurs, special talent and creatives, as well as families seeking dual citizenship.

We work for you, looking after your interests from our global offices across the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific. With an international network of legal minds, our teams can tap into a hub of knowledge on local immigration laws and passport processes, ensuring that our clients have the best advice when they are ready to apply for citizenship.

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The US-born son of a UK businessman

When he became engaged to a Swiss citizen, the son of a high-profile UK businessman asked us to help him obtain a British Passport and expatriate from the US. We were also asked to draft a prenuptial agreement. Timing was of the essence but as a global, full-service firm we created a team of immigration, family and private client lawyers to meet tight deadlines.

Amendment of Foreign Affairs Manual

Advocated on behalf of US citizenship renouncing persons and convinced the US Department of State to amend the Foreign Affairs Manual to allow renouncing citizens to retain their US passports while waiting for Department of State to issue the Certificate of Loss Nationality, and thereby permit these persons to continue to be able to travel to the US.

Major Brazilian real estate investor

Assisted a major Brazilian real estate investor to immigrate to the US, start a new business, acquire US real estate and reorganize his Brazilian and offshore investments. This involved obtaining a new passport and visas, international tax and corporate structuring, real estate advice and business planning.

Colombian family's US passport surrender

Advised a Colombian family on the surrender of their US passports in order to come into compliance with their US tax and reporting obligations and thereby cease to be subject to US compliance in a highly tax efficient manner.

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