Residency and green cards

Apply for permanent residence anywhere in the world with the help and support of our immigration law experts.

Our team of specialised immigration lawyers will bring their global expertise to ensure your dreams of moving are fulfilled. Whether you want to submit a permanent residence application for the UK, Europe or anywhere else in the world, or you want to know how to get a green card for the US, we’ll apply our in-depth knowledge of local laws to make the process as seamless as possible.

Apply for a green card with our help

One of the core areas that we work in is helping our clients apply for a green card to live in the US. We will talk you through the process and help you understand exactly how to apply for a green card for US citizenship, or advise you on the other routes you can take.

For tax reasons, green cards are not always the most desirable option. This is where our global expertise comes in, as we can provide information on alternative solutions to best suit your personal and financial needs.

What is a green card?

A green card gives you permanent residence in the US, meaning that you have indefinite leave to remain in the country. You will normally have the right to work as a permanent resident but are not yet a full citizen. A naturalisation process will need to take place once you have obtained your green card. Our lawyers will support you from start to finish, helping you apply for US citizenship in full, and assisting with all legal matters before and after the naturalisation period.

Supporting global citizens with immigration

Whether you need to apply for permanent residence in the US, UK or anywhere else in the world, our global network is here to support you. With offices and partners located across the continents, we’ve been able to help thousands of clients navigate the immigration system, successfully relocating them and their families in their chosen destination.

Our lawyers are unparalleled with their knowledge of the green card application process, and they excel in complicated or unusual cases for clients looking to apply for permanent residence in another country. An example of this is when we helped a client attain UK permanent resident status on an exceptional basis, when he had greatly exceeded the permitted level of absences.

Whether you need help understanding how to get a green card or permanent residence in a country of your choice, Withersworldwide can be of assistance.

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