There is often a lot at stake in a dispute. Whether it is a professional or personal issue, speed of resolution is of paramount importance in order for you to reach a fair result, move on and avoid a protracted and costly battle.

Mediation is a popular and private out of court solution, and it can be applied to almost any commercial or family oriented situation, provided all parties agree to it. One of the benefits of opting for mediation is swift resolution, even in complex commercial situations. It is also much more cost effective than litigation or arbitration.

To help try to limit the impact of your dispute, we will work with you to understand what the best possible outcome means for you and what can be achieved through mediation, so you have a clear strategy.

We have a number of experts in mediation at your disposal in our commercial disputes teams in New York, London, Milan, Singapore and Hong Kong, and mediation is often recommended as the first step in resolving business issues. In relation to family disputes, Diana Parker co-founded the Family Mediators Association in England, and many of our family lawyers are experienced mediators.

We will always try to resolve the issue for you through mediation and settlement discussions, however, even if mediation does not deliver the result you hoped to achieve, documentation produced for mediation discussions will nevertheless be valuable, so it is always worth pursuing.

Choosing a non-court option can save you time, money and it also will protect you against trauma and invasion of your privacy.

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